Transforming Your Living Experience with Build to Rent

Discover the future of renting
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No more nagging the landlord about that leaky tap.
Kiwi renters need better rentals.

Build to Rent is a transformational way of living. Offering high-quality purpose-built rental homes where you can put down roots and stay as long as you like.

These homes are professionally run, often with great onsite management and exciting features such as resident lounges, co-working spaces, gyms and pools. In a Build to Rent home, the tenants are the customer – so maintenance issues or queries are dealt with promptly and professionally. No more nagging the landlord about that leaky tap.
While every development is different, many allow you to choose to make the home your own – paint a wall, adopt a fur baby – the space is yours to personalise. Often developments will have more than one type of home, so if you find your family expanding you can simply move from one unit to another without losing your community.

This is the future of renting. So, what are you waiting for?

Embrace a new era in housing with Build to Rent

Meet the future of renting

In the dynamic landscape of New Zealand's housing market, Build to Rent emerges as a beacon of innovation and choice. Addressing the urgent need for more rental homes, Build to Rent is set to revolutionise the way Kiwis think about renting. With a commitment to delivering high-quality homes, this model not only expands housing options but also enriches the rental experience with long-term security and enhanced living standards.

More housing options for Kiwi renters

We know that New Zealand needs more rental homes, and we needed them yesterday. Build to rent can deliver high-quality rental homes, offering Kiwis more housing choices when it comes to renting. Build to Rent will provide an additional housing choice to New Zealand’s current housing market, providing long-term security for tenants.

Desirable features

Build to Rent typically has a focus on a range of desirable features such as; green star design, community shared facilities, and in a convenient locations (close to public transport) that make them a great place to live. They often come with on-site maintenance teams, gyms, coworking spaces, and recreational spaces.

Personalise your space

Under law, registered Build to Rent developments must offer the ability to make your house a home. This means as a tenant you could bring your pets and even paint the wall your favourite colour.

Choose to stay long-term

Build to Rent properties offer renters greater flexibility, which means you can live there long-term. This makes them an attractive option, because how long you stay is totally up to you.

Estimated timeframes for Build to Rent

According to a Property Council study done in 2021, with the right legislative levers, it’s developer members could build 25,000 Build to Rent homes for Kiwis within 10 years.